Prepare For The Resistance

In previous posts we have talked about how an unelected cabal of bankers, technocrats, bureaucrats and their pet politicians are trying to seize control of our nation and subvert the principles on which it was founded. Michael Yon has termed them collectively as The Beast. They are ignoring the legal constraints placed on them by the US Constitution and the body of law that this nation is founded on. Some, including myself, believe that they have already succeeded in gaining control of the levers of government. We have also discussed how it is time to stand up and resist those tyrants.

If we are to resist we need to prepare for what is ahead. We need to toughen up, be smarter and be more resilient. Because no matter whether we resist or not this nation is in for some tough times.

Toughen Up

As the old saying goes:

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”

Well folks, we have been weak and the hard times are here. It is time to start getting strong.

If we can’t put down the beer and chips to get up and change the channel on the television how will we change this nation? We need to get up off the couch and start exercising. We need to get as strong as we can physically. We need to start lugging heavy packs through the woods or around the town. We need to be able to hike or march to get to where we need to be even if the transportation infrastructure collapses. Get in shape and get stronger physically.

No matter how strong a man is, if he doesn’t have the will he can accomplish nothing. Conversely, even the weakest of men will succeed if they have the right attitude. So we need to get our heads in the game and start to toughen up mentally. The tough times ahead will be more than a minor inconvenience. We need to find a way to wrap our heads around what our forefather had to deal with to build this nation our of an untamed wilderness and get back to that mindset.

The Beast and its minions will attack our beliefs, religious and secular. They will belittle them (and us). They will discriminate against us for them. They will physically attack us for them. If our faith is not strong enough we will fall away and The Beast will win. So, we must strengthen ourselves spiritually as well so our faith can carry us through the dark times to come.

Toughening up physically, mentally and spiritually are the most important preparations we can make.

Be Smarter

If improving our physical, mental and spiritual strength are the most important ways we can prepare for The Resistance, skills come a close second. We need to be smarter than our opponents who consider themselves our superiors. We need to learn new and critical skills including how to protect our privacy and how to fight. Learn first aid. Learn about online privacy. Learn about off-grid communications. Learn how to fight. Not just how to shoot but how to fight and protect those you love with or without a firearm.

Be More Resilient

The more we depend on goods and services that can disappear based on the will of The Beast then we cannot resist. We need to prepare to be more resilient to disruptions in the food supply and the supply of critical goods. We need to prepare for disruptions in critical infrastructure including power and water. We need to be prepared to weather the tough financial storms that they can unleash. We also need to go without critical services including our own security. Many parts of the country are already dealing with this. Current policy of those who have usurped this nation are driving down the number of police officers and reducing their willingness to respond to violent situations. The same is happening with fire, EMS and even hospitals. I read an article just the other day about a young boy who watched his father die of a heart attack because their local EMS could not respond in time due to local COVID mandates.

If you plan to join The Resistance, it’s time to get started preparing for what is to come.

Even if you don’t plan to join the resistance, you need to prepare as well. Tough times and tyrants don’t discriminate. If you are not one of the elite, you are expendable all “for the greater good” of course…

Be alert, get prepared, fight the good fight!

God bless and God save the Republic.