OpSec: Well Duh!

Talk about “Gray Man,” my five year old Honda Civic looks like a hundred thousand other Honda Civics out there. It is even gray in color, the most popular color in that model run. There are no bumper stickers. There is nothing to indicate that I like guns, am into hunting or preparedness, nothing to indicate my political beliefs. Wonderful Wife’s vehicle is even older. It doesn’t quite fit in around the neighborhood since it is a little too old and worn out. In a poorer part of town no one would give it a second look. No stickers of any sort on it either.

I see cars and trucks all the time with stickers advertising the owner’s political beliefs and I wonder how well that would play should they be caught in a mob/riot somewhere around town. I see cars and trucks plastered with the names, sport of choice, school, jersey number and names of the kids whose parents own the vehicles. No risk of someone use that information for nefarious purposes. “Hey little Billy, get in the car. Your Mom sent me to get you. Nichole was hurt in basketball practice and she wants me to bring you up to the hospital.” “Hi, is this Nichole’s mom? This is coach Smith at the middle school. Yeah, she’s fine she just forgot her uniform fee. She’ll still be able to play in the big game if you could just give me a credit card number to charge it to.” What could go wrong with plastering that all over your car?

I see cars and trucks all the time plastered with stickers for gun manufacturers, ammo makers, and hunting gear. What better way to says “break into this vehicle first” that advertising your expensive hobbies and possessions? After all what petty thief wouldn’t love to graduate to armed robbery by taking the Glock out of someone’s glove box? AllOutdoor.com was shocked, shocked I say that vehicles with such stickers were intentionally targeted by thieves (link).

A sign out front that says “protected by Smith & Wesson” actually translates in criminal as “break in after I leave home to get some guns.”

Some of these same folks sporting these signs stickers and signs warn me I should blog about preparedness because it breaks Operational Security (OpSec)…yet they are driving gun store billboards around town.

It is a free country. Make your own choices about what you advertise around your home, on your vehicle and on your person. I have made mine.

Take care and God bless.

P.S. I am not perfect, there are a couple of “non-gray man” choices I have made. I carry a “tacticool” molle covered man bag with the stuff I don’t want to cram into my cargo pockets. There is a morale patch on the bag that says “In God We Trust.” If the sun is bright I am usually wearing a khaki ball cap with the American or Texas flag embroidered on it to keep the sun from burning my bald head.

25 thoughts on “OpSec: Well Duh!

  1. Magic isn’t it. A non de-script car, no stickers, and you’re invisible.
    Except to the ‘eager beaver’ LEO. (Chuckle).

    As for your bag? That made me smile.
    Invisibly dressed but with tactical written all over the accessories.

    But not now I think about it.
    It seems everybody wears some sort of tactical around me, which is more than a bit stupid living in a little UK seaside town.
    I guess that’s rubbed off from watching too much Hollywood! Either that or we’ve landed in a prepper town!

    Except I’m a ‘high visibility’ believer.
    Think on this. What’s the most invisible bit of clothing you don’t look at twice? A florescent vest wearing road worker.


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      1. Add a tool bag, a clipboard with something that looks like a work order, and a pin on a cardboard photoID card, (hologram off a cereal packet), and no one gives a damn what you are doing.

        I’ve sat there during the day in plain sight cutting and repairing a security fence with teeny weenie cable ties before now.
        A practice run for foraging.

        Worse bit about it was the cable ties were still there a week later!!!!!!!

        Good perimeter security I’m thinking. LOL

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    1. On thing about living in the part of the country I do, Molle equipped gear and bags, camo, and cargo pants/shorts are actually pretty “gray.” They are so common they don’t garner much of a second look.
      Take care and God bless.

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      1. Same here, gucci-cam is the norm.

        It’s just when you see a 30 stone man wearing urban-cam (grey white) SHORTS and the belly is spilling over the top, you really don’t know whether to laugh or throw up. 🙂

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  2. Beat me to the punch on this one! Great points throughout. I drive a grey Focus and a silver Taurus, no stickers of any kind, and only a simple beware the dog sign at the driveway. I know a Sheriff’s Deputy who carries his AR-15 in a guitar bag, pretty smart.

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      1. The only downside of the tennis racket case is that depending on the area these might stick out and call attention to you. Not many tennis players in the “hood,” barrio, or some other places. Guitar cases can be targets as guitars tend to be pricey and easily pawned.
        An AR pistol and many other firearms can fit into a standard backpack. No one looks twice at a grocery sack.
        Take care and God bless.

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    1. I didn’t think about it before but I have a beware of dog sign posted prominently on my gate. I don’t even have a dog but the sign was free and I figured it might deter someone who wasn’t particularly motivated.
      Take care and God bless.

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      1. Nice! You can also post alarm signs, whether or not you have a system. I live on a gravel road that goes through the woods up a hill…I’m thinking of shooting the ‘Dead End” sign with a shotgun a few times and piling up some shotgun shells and Tequila bottles at its base. Who wants to trespass on someones property if their drunk and carrying a shotgun?

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  3. Nice article!
    We do the same…I always marveled at the families that list their kid’s names, school, and sports on their car as they’re giving predators all the info the require.
    We also avoid NRA, gun, and similar stickers as they can make someone a target for thieves or rabid Democrats. I dress for comfort, freedom of movement, and concealment and try to avoid anything that would make me stand out or be memorable.
    I would add: When you’re assessing an area for potential threats, don’t stare as people can sense being stared at (animals can as well), but let your eyes pass over people and move on or look slightly off center towards them. At night, looking off center will aid your vision.Try it, it works!

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    1. Excellent suggestions!
      The act of openly and actively scanning the environment can attract attention as well. In some cases this can be good attention, bad guys want victims that are unaware not alert and aware. It can also be bad. I have been misidentified as a cop because of an erect posture and actively scanning around me (shaved head may have added to that as well). that could get me targeted in some circumstances. I try and blend in. If everyone else is on their phones or whatever I appear to be as well.
      God bless

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  4. OK, you guys are nice, and our humble site has had a lot of support and visits from prepper365 and pgraysurvival, so I’m going to give you one of my secret sites.
    This gentleman was a gang member who straightened out his life and spent years analyzing the violent encounters he had and observed. I find his philosophy and analysis second to none.
    The site is messy and you will find yourself clicking through a maze of pages, but the information is great. What a predator needs to attack, the monkey dance, etc. all give insight into spotting violence in the beginning stages and sometimes avoiding it.

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