Intel Brief 06/06/2022

(Steps to) War:

*Turkey – the president of Turkey has vowed to wipe out all Kurdish forces in Syria including those with US backing and US military forces embedded with them.

*North Korea – Launched 8 ballistic missiles in violation of UN sanctions. The US and S. Korea launched 8 in response.

*Russia – commenting on the scope of the military actions in Ukraine, Russian officials stated that the introduction of long range missiles from the US and UK will extend the operational goals of the mission to protect Russia from missile strikes.

*Russia – a plane carrying the Russian Foreign Minister was blocked from passing through NATO controlled airspace, preventing the meeting between Russian and Serbian officials.

Civil Unrest/Violence:

*Racine, WI – several people were injured in a shooting at the funeral of a man killed in in a shoot out with police.

*IA – Two women were shot in a church

*WI – A former judge was murdered. When police responded the shooter killed himself. The shooter had a list of other political/judicial figures in his possession at the time and it appears to have been a “hit list.”

*FL – A man was arrested to making repeated threats to kill Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

*PA – 3 dead and 11 wounded in late night rioting and shootout.

*TN – 3 dead and 17 wounded at a nightclub shooting

*TX – Pro-abortion protested stripped down to their underwear and interrupted services at a megachurch in Houston

*NYC – man sleeping on the subway had his face slashed with a razor near times square,


*Turkey – the inflation rate continues to rise and is at 73.5%

*Pakistan – Thousands of factories may shut down due to fuel shortages and high prices

*US – Based on the latest report from trustees, the Social Security system will be bankrupt by 2035. Medicare will be broke much sooner than that 2028.

*US – John Deere moving some production to Mexico.
*Poland – Due to rising fuel costs, the government has given permission for Poles to scavenge wood from forests to help heat their homes.


*Iran – Several high ranking officials suffered “suspicious accidents” over the last week as the government attempts to root out foreign spies.

*Armenia – Dozens injured in violent protests against the sitting government

Intel Brief 06/02/2022


*Iran – Protests continued and several protesters were killed when security forces opened fire on crowds.

(Steps to) War:

*Russia – the US is providing HIMARS missile systems to Ukraine. Russia has warned against doing so several times. Senior Kremlin officials have warned that this could result in escalation to direct war with the US. A Russian parliament member called for destroying cities along both coasts of the US if these systems are used to target Russian cities. The UK has offered to provide even longer range missiles that are compatible with the launchers we provided. This is probably a way for the US and UK to “spread the blame” when /if these weapons are used against Russian cities.

*Russia – Possibly in response to the US transfer of HIMARS missile systems Russia began nuclear drills. Moving nuclear capable missiles capable of reaching the US out of storage facilities and into the field, testing and performing pre-launch activities. No word on if test launches are planned.

*Russia – The US is now trying to provide Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine. These drones can remain airborne for over 40 hours and carry 8 hellfire missiles. This is also likely to escalate tensions and force a Russian response.

*Russia – US Cyber warfare commander freely admitted that US cyber forces have been used to spy on and target Russian forces, disrupt communications and spread disinformation (lies) about troop deployments and activities.

*China – US and Taiwan have announced closer cooperation and ties between the island’s military and the US “National Guard.”

*Korea – Newly elected president of South Korea referred to N/ Korea as “the enemy.” This is the strongest language used between the nations in decades.

Civil Unrest/Violence:

*Chicago – 10 people were killed and 52 wounded in shootings over Memorial Day weekend

*Tulsa – Four people plus the shooter were killed in a medical center. The shooter was a black male and there are reports the shooting was racially motivated so it won’t be seen on national news.


*Europe – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are reporting official inflation rates of between 16.4% and 20.1%. The highest in Europe.

*Russia – creditors have begun the process of declaring Russia in default due to a claimed $1.9 million in accrued interest not being paid.

Intel Brief 05/31/2022


*US – egg production has been dramatically decreased due to avian flu, inflation and supply chain issues. As of Sunday one of the largest egg producers in the US was hit with a fire that destroyed the facility and tens of thousands or chickens. This is the latest in a string of fires at food production and distribution centers in the US.

*Sugar – Kazakhstan and Pakistan have limited sugar exports. India is expected to follow suit. Brazil, the world’s largest sugar exporter is also expected to limit exports as they convert more sugar to ethanol to combat increased fuel costs.

(Steps to) War:

*Russia – Conducted a hypersonic missile test near the border with Finland.

*Iran – A Revolutionary Guard leader was assassinated outside his home. US sources leaked that Israel was behind the assassination.

*Iran – A drone attack was carried out on an Iranian weapons development facility.

*Iran/Israel – After an attack on Iranian weapons complex suspected to be carried our by Israel and the assassination of a senior military leader conducted by Israel. Israel announced that they would respond against Iran for any attacks on Israel or Israelis by Iranian proxies.

*Colombia – no candidate achieved a majority in the presidential election. A runoff will be held. Venezuela had threatened an invasion if the communist candidate does not win.

*China – a flight of 22 fighters and 8 support aircraft penetrated Taiwanese airspace around the Pratas Islands. Taiwan scrambled fighters and activated missile defense systems but no shots were fired.

Civil Unrest/Violence:

*Catholic Churches – Two more Catholic churches, one in Brooklyn and one is Katy, were robbed in the last few weeks. Both had tabernacles stolen from the altars and in one a statue of Mary was beheaded.


*US – The savings rate is down to 4.4%. The lowest it has been since 2008.

*Germany – The inflation rate is 8.9%, the highest in 60 years

*Pakistan – Due to inflation, supply chain issues and a slow economy Pakistan is requesting a $36 billion bailout to prevent defaulting on existing international loans.


*Drought – severe drought has affected US agriculture and is forcing water conservation in several Western states. Europe is also facing drought and France is implementing water conservation requirements in many areas as well.

*Russian Default – With US exemptions allowing Russia to make payments on international loans to expire, the Russian government has proposed a scheme to allow it to continue paying international debts. In a dual account system, like the one allowing for gas payments, Russia will pay debts into an account at a non-sanctioned Russian bank in Rubles. These will then be converted to dollars and deposited in a second account for payment of the international debts.

Intel Brief 05/28/2022


*Malaysia – has banned the export of chicken

*India – Second largest sugar exporter has limited exports to contain costs. India has already limited exports of wheat.

*France – Food vouchers and rationing have been rolled out is several parts of the country

*US – The IMF has called on the US to increase food exports to poor nations. Food prices in the US are already skyrocketing and projections for the next harvest are very poor.

(Steps to) War:

*Turkey – US warned Turkish officials not to put US troops at risk during their military incursion (invasion) of Syria to attack Kurdish “terrorists.” Many US troops are fighting alongside and training the Kurdish groups Turkey is targeting.

Pakistan – Massive protests in and around the capital. Ousted PM is claiming the US is behind regime change.

China – Conducted live fire exercises in the waters around Taiwan

Russia – Foreign Minister tells convention of governors that the West has declared “total war” on

*US/Russia/Iran – The US seized a Russian oil tanker off the coast of Greece that was supposedly carrying Iranian oil in violation of sanctions. The oil is being offloaded to a US flagged tanker and will be shipped to US refineries. In retaliation, Iran has seized two Greek tankers in international waters and sailed them to Iran.

*Unknown – A commercial 777 airliner was forced to take evasive action to avoid an intercontinental ballistic missile launched from a submarine. No notices were posted warning of such a test and no nation admits to having tested the missile.

*Russia – The US allowed the exemption to expire allowing Russia access to their frozen accounts to pay government debts. This will force Russia into default on international loans. Russian pre-paid on two loans before the exemption expired. It is unknown how many US banks and investors will be affected or how much money will be lost if the exemption is not reinstated.

Civil Unrest/Violence:

*Gun Control – In the wake of the Uvalde school shooting there are numerous calls for gun control, responses from citizens and politicians stating that guns will be used if legislation is passed and many gun control advocates are calling for violence against NRA members meeting in Houston.


*US – Home foreclosures are surging

*US – The US economy shrank by 1.5% in the first quarters of 2022

Dates To Watch:

*May 29 – Presidential elections in Colombia.  Russian backed Venezuelan dictator Chavez has stated that if the candidate he favors loses he will invade. Columbia is the last remaining US ally in South America.

The Challenge To Our Faith

We live in a time when our faith in Christ and God’s word is often challenged. (I believe) we are headed into even darker times when our faith in Christ will be attacked, and living according to God’s will could cost us our lives and family.

I pray that I am wrong.

I also pray that God will strengthen me and my family so we can persevere and hold onto our faith regardless of what we face. Prayer is critical but it is also important to use the gifts He has given us to be prepared for those dark times. So, we pray, we stock up, we train, and we team up with other like minded individuals but faith and prayer remain the bedrock.

God bless.

Intel Brief 05/25/2022


*Food Price Index – The international food price index has hit 160. In 2011 they hit 140 and there were revolutions in a number of countries including Egypt, Libya and Syria. We are already seeing the beginnings of similar civil unrest in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Peru, Armenia and Pakistan.

*Eggs – US egg production has dropped to a 7 year low due to an avian flu outbreak. Orange production has fallen to the lowest level in almost a century,

(Steps to) War:

*Turkey/Syria – Turkey announced another military incursion (invasion) into Syria.

*US/Israel/Iran – US has publicly agreed to assist Israel in a drill simulating a large scale air attack on Iran.

*Russia – US announces we will be providing long range Harpoon anti-ship missiles to Ukraine

*Russia – Lithuania has called for an international coalition to break the Russian naval blockade of Ukraine. The UK is now backing this plan. This would put Western warships in direct confrontation with Russian warships enforcing the blockade.

*Russia/China – During the meeting of Japan, US (Joe Biden), India and Australia in Tokyo, China and Russia flew combined flights of strategic bombers with fighter escorts into Japanese and S. Korean Air Defense Zones (ADZs). Fighters from S. Korea and Japan were scrambled to intercept and escort the Chinese and Russian planes out of restricted airspace. Russia is still technically at war with Japan and has been since WWII.

*N. Korea – N. Korea launched several missiles during the meetings in Japan. One landed off the coast of S. Korea and two were launched towards Japan. S. Korea responded by scrambling aircraft and launching missiles that landed off the coast of N. Korea. The US also launched a missile in the general direction of N. Korea.

*Hungary – The Hungarian government declared a wartime emergency, effectively declaring martial law, in response to the Russia/Ukraine war.

Civil Unrest/Violence:

*Roe v. Wade Decision – The ruling overturning Roe v. Wade could be released as early as this week. Violent protests are expected to follow. Pro-Abortion groups have promised a “summer of Rage” in response.


*Housing – New home sales down 16.6% in April


*COVID – CDC is recommending mandatory testing before and after domestic air travel. NYC is starting to lock down again.

*Fuel Prices – Biden admits that the increase in fuel prices is painful but needed to force transition to green energy and electric vehicles.

Dates To Watch:

*May 25 – Exemption allowing Russia to access US Dollars to pay international debts expires (unless extended by the Biden administration). American investors will lose hundreds of millions of dollars if this happens. Russia pre-paid on debts due in the next week or two. The US has stated that the exemption will be allowed to expire.

*May 29 – Presidential elections in Colombia.  Russian backed Venezuelan dictator Chavez has stated that if the candidate he favors loses he will invade. Columbia is the last remaining US ally in South America.

Notes On War

Before I send the brief the next Intel Brief I wanted to share something. It is a downer but it is important.

Outside of the troop movements and deployments we are seeing, the number of senior officials talking about war or making statements to prepare the public for war is truly scary. Russian officials are now claiming that Poland has already sent troops into Ukraine to fight Russian forces. US generals are telling military academy graduates that they will probably serve in combat against a “major power” soon. China is kicking westerners out of the country and making very aggressive statements as well. Recordings of the Chinese military preparing for an invasion were leaked (nothing is leaked out of the Chinese military unless it is on purpose).

When Russia invaded Ukraine I said it would escalate to a full blown war with the West in 90-120 days. So far I have been wrong but the rhetoric, posturing and propaganda are still ramping up. The bottom line is that the chances of a war between superpowers is growing more likely every day. Unless we get some grownups in Washington, Beijing, Moscow, and Europe it is not a question of if, but when.

This will not be like the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq or Vietnam where outside of some news reports it doesn’t affect us at home. All three nations have missiles, aircraft and ships that can reach just about any target anywhere in the world. All three have massive nuclear arsenals. At a minimum the cost of food, fuel and other goods will skyrocket and they will be harder to get. Attacks on critical infrastructure could knock out water, power and other utilities (Internet) for days or weeks. At worst we could experience the daily threat of airstrikes like they are dealing with in Ukraine today and Londoners experienced during WWII.

Please, please, please start preparing now. Stock up on water, food, meds, personal items, fuel and ammo. If God blesses us and this storm passes over us we just saved some money on future purchases. If not, then we will be better able to survive and protect those we love.

God bless and please pray that this cup will be taken from us.

Sri Lanka, A Glimpse At The Future?

Increases in the cost of food, fuel and medicine kicked off protests that turned into riots and is now bordering on civil war. Over 200 people have been killed and hundreds more injured in fighting between opposing political factions. Government and private property, including busses, homes, shops, and buildings have been burned. The homes of politicians have also been torched. The police and military are trying to restore order and have been given orders to shoot rioters and protesters.

The parliament of the country has resigned and to make matters worse the country is bankrupt and unable to pay its international loans.

Medications are rapidly running out and since the country is in default on its debts they cannot be resupplied. Fuel is in critically short supply with only one full days worth of fuel left to generate electricity. To conserve fuel the island nation of 22 million people will only have electricity 9 hours per day until more fuel can be purchased. Again, they are bankrupt so no one will sell them fuel and they have no money to pay for it if they would.

To pay police, military and other government employees they are printing money. Which increases inflation, making food, fuel and medicines even more expensive.

No one can really say what the future holds for this country. Other countries that defaulted on their debts (or came close) like Greece, Cypress, and Argentina were able to get bail outs from International sources to restore a functioning economy. With the current state of the world economy and the focus on the Russo-Ukrainian war there doesn’t seem to be much help on the way…

With the current direction of the US economy as well as the other major world economies, could this be a glimpse into our own future? I pray it is not.

If you are not already, Pray up, Stock up, Train up, Team up. You’ll have a much better chance of surviving what’s on the way.

God bless.

Intel Brief 5/19/22


*Iran – Protests over increasing prices especially for food spread across several cities. At least four protesters have been killed in the government crackdown. A rationing system for food is being rolled out.

(Steps to) War:

*Russia/Ukraine – More attacks in the separatist (Russian) region of Transnistria. Local authorities are blaming Ukrainian terrorists.

*Russia – Head of Russian security council (civilian head of the military) said the West is engaged in an UNDECLARED WAR with Russia.

*China – US deployed several naval units to the waters near China. Two carrier strike groups, one expeditionary strike group and an amphibious assault ship have entered the waters around Taiwan and Japan.

Civil Unrest/Violence:

*Summer of Rage – Women’s March organizers promised a “Summer of Rage” in response to a leaked draft Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade which would return the authority to regulate abortion to the states.


*Inflation – UK reports 25% of people skipping meals because of inflation. Austria reports highest inflation in 40 years.
*Stock market – The market dropped over 1,100 points on Wednesday. The 8th largest drop in US history.


*Monkeypox – a rare disease rarely seen outside of Africa is spreading in Europe and the first case has been reported in the US. Not linked to the known cases in Europe.

*COVID – US extends Public Health Emergency for COVID until mid-July. North Korea has activated the military to help combat a “COVID” outbreak in the country.

Dates To Watch:

*May 20-24 – Biden travelling to Japan and S. Korea (N. Korea possibly planning a nuclear weapon test to coincide).

*May 23 – Unless extended again by a La. Federal judge, Title 42 will expire resulting in a massive increase in illegal border crossings.

*May 25 – Exemption allowing Russia to access US Dollars to pay international debts expires (unless extended by the Biden administration). American investors will lose hundreds of millions of dollars if this happens.

*May 29 – Presidential elections in Colombia.  Russian backed Venezuelan dictator Chavez has stated that if the candidate he favors loses he will invade. Columbia is the last remaining US ally in South America.

Remember, Pray up, Stock up, Train up and Team up.

God bless

Intel Brief 5/17/22

I am not sure if this would be of value to anyone else but I put together an “Intel Brief” for my family and thought some of you might find it interesting or useful. Let me know if it is an I’ll keel sharing.


*India – To combat rising food costs, the Indian government announced a partial ban on wheat exports. Only “needy” countries will be able to buy Indian wheat.

*Sri Lanka – Food riots continue to escalate. Current death toll is estimated at over 200

*Iran – Food riots also escalating with Islamist militias being deployed to stop them

(Steps to) War:

*Somalia – US is sending troops back into this country to help fight ISIS-linked insurgents.

*Russia – Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that the West especially the US is waging WAR on Russia. That’s two US congressmen and now the spokesman for the Russian government saying we are at war.

*Russia – thousands of NATO troops began military exercises in Estonia. 30 miles from the Russian border

*Russia/Finland/Sweden – US and other NATO countries promise military assistance to Finland and Sweden should Russian attack before their NATO membership is approved.

*Russia/Ukraine – US is now saying NATO membership for Ukraine could be “fast-tracked” into NATO. As a NATO member the US and other NATO allies would be obligated to send troops to defend the country from Russia.

Civil Unrest/Violence:

*Chicago – 5 people were killed and 30 injured in rioting and gang warfare in Chicago over the weekend. Police were able to respond to only a fraction of the 911 calls on Saturday night due to lack of manpower. All PTO for Chicago PD has been cancelled until further notice.


*No significant news today but the global economy continues to falter.

Remember, Pray up, Stock up, Train up and Team up.

God bless