Civil War SitRep: 3/2/21

Another week …

    • News:
      • Of those who voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election, 73% believe that Joe Biden was not legitimately elected to office. They didn’t ask me in but I would concur.
      • A third county in Missouri has declared itself a Second Amendment sanctuary against unconstitutional anti-gun laws.
      • A man carrying a Trump flag was attacked at an ice rink in New York City…that is managed by Donald Trump’s corporation.
      • Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue declares that Donald Trump is the “Legitimate and Still Actual President.”
      • A recent survey shows that the number on issue for voters who identify as Democrats is “Trump Supporters” while Republican voters were worried about more traditional concerns such as the economy, taxes, illegal immigration and national security. It seems that the chumming for monsters that leaders of the Demonrat party are engaging in is working, at least for their constituents.
      • Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman claims that militia groups want to blow up the Capitol when Biden delivers his State of the Union address (if he ever decides to give one). She claims the same militia’s who stormed the Capitol in January are behind the plot.
      • The rioting and looting continues in the Pacific Northwest and especially Portland.
    • Suppressing The Opposition:
      • House Democrats have sent strongly worded letters to all major cable providers in the US urging them to remove Conservative news outlets like Newsmax, OANN, and Fox (seems they missed the memo where Fox lost the majority of their viewers by joining the leftist propaganda machine, the MiniTRu). It seems the First Amendment means as little to The New Regime as the Second…or any other portion of the US Constitution.
      • The role of poll watchers is to ensure free and fair elections. It is in theor job description to observe and, if necessary, report on potential issues with the election. Two Republican poll watchers in Pennsylvania are being sued by the state for reporting chain of custody (and other) issues in their state. If those who report irregularities are harassed by the state (the were), threatened by members of the opposition party (they have been) and are now being sued for fulfilling the responsibilities of their office its a pretty good indication that there is something to hide and the election results are fraudulent (is anyone surprised by that?).
      • Amazon has rolled out a new policy banning books that don’t agree with the political views of the online shopping and web-hosting giant. Anything that disagrees with corporate views is now removed as “hate speech.”
      • Twitter and other social media platforms continue to de-platform conservative voices such as Amanda Ensing. They also banned all photos of Conservatives and Trump supporters who greeted Creepy Uncle Joe on his recent visit to Texas.
      • In advance of President Trumps speech at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference Twitter has added a warning to the organization’s feed:

        The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe, in accordance with Twitter’s URL Policy.

      • Democrats have also targeted Hyatt Hotels hosting this conference and  allowing Conservatives to meet and express their views.
    • Chumming For Monsters:
      • A Utah teacher caused a controversy by Tweeting, “I only hope that next time a president incites a riot at the Capitol, more Republican senators are killed.” At this point Twitter has not censored this statement as either hate speech or inciting violence.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Project Get Fit 2021: Week 8

Not me, I don’t have that much hair on my head…

It was a pretty good week but I will be honest, I have still been skipping cardio way too much.

I increased the weight on two key strength training exercises, the lat pull down and seated row. I also increased the reps on the assisted chin ups and chest press. I also added weight to my squats, just five pounds for now but will up that next week.

I swapped out the reverse chin ups at the beginning of the week for another seat of lat pull downs but that was too much on my shoulder and I spent a lot of the week dealing with pain in that shoulder. Since cardio needs to be a big focus for me due to my (very low) VO2 Max, on my last workout of the week I swapped out the additional set of lat pull downs with an interval cardio session.

The cardio session is based on the Tabata research where it was found that eight 20 second sessions of maximum activity with eight 10 second rests in between resulted in as much cardio improvement as 30-60 minutes of standard cardio. Instead of an exercise bike or running I chose to work the heavy bag for my Tabata exercise. That has the benefit of still working on the upper body and core muscle groups I want to strengthen while still having cardio benefits. I’ll give it a shot for a few weeks and see how much (if any) improvement I see in VO2 Max.

Wonderful Wife joined me for one session at the gym but overdid it and had to take a few days off. I was able to get her to walk with me two nights this week (which is my excuse for skipping two cardio sessions). She also did another walk without me one evening.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Goal: Complete a Murph Challenge in 2021

My primary goal is to get in shape but I have started tracking my weight as well:

Starting weight: 210.9 (1/4/21)

Current weight: 213 (2/26/21)

Very Interesting: Democrats Don’t Want Biden To Have Sole Authority To Order Nuclear Strike

A groups of House Demonrats are calling for Biden to give up sole authority to launch a nuclear strike. This responsibility, implemented decades ago, ensured civilian control of the nation’s nuclear arsenal.

There have been specific times when the president was incapacitated when this responsibility was passed to the vice-president. However, in this case, members of the president’s own party are calling for a change that would prevent Biden from launching nuclear missiles without authorization from the vice-president and/or Speaker of the House.

This was not in the form of a bill that, if passed, would codify this process into law for all future presidents but a specific request to Biden and his team. Given the fact that Harris is already fielding Creepy Uncle Joe’s calls with foreign leaders and now this request from leading members of his own party it casts even more doubt as to whether the man is mentally capable of performing the duties that have been handed to him in a fraudulent election.

We live in interesting times, that’s for sure.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

A Good Lesson For Today

This morning I was pretty full of myself. I was almost 100% focused on my workout plans for this afternoon. All wrapped up in my ideas for changing up the workout to help me reach my goals more quickly. Then I spent another chunk of the morning working on a weight loss plan and testing some apps to help me manage my calories so I can start to lose weight a little faster but still gain strength.

I, me, my…

Through it all there was a nagging little something buzzing at the corner of my mind that I couldn’t lock down. Of course not, I was too busy congratulating myself on my efforts, my progress and making my plans moving forward. That little nagging thought was a warning that I was taking my eye off of what is most important. Or, rather, who is most important.

Some folks are fond of saying that “pride goes before the fall” and they are wise for saying that. The Bible says it a bit differently in Proverbs 16:18; “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before the fall.”

My little fall came in the form of a drop in blood sugar. I ate the same breakfast I always do. I was no more active than I usually am but my sugar level tanked leaving me confused and too shaky to even carry my bowl to the table so I could eat. Few things are more humbling that to have to ask a grand child to carry your food for you.

Partially because of my impaired mental state, I didn’t tie the warning in my head or the the sugar issue to my own hubris that filled my morning. Then I opened up my verse for the day and this is what it was:

“For I know the plans I have for you”—this is the Lord’s declaration—”plans for your well-being, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. You will call to me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart.

-Jeremiah 29:11-13

Hahaha, it couldn’t have been a clearer message…

I needed to refocus on who and what was most important. Yes, I have made a lot of progress over the last month getting stronger and into better shape but that should not become the center of my universe. The gym should not replace the church and the progress I have made has been through God’s blessing not my own feeble efforts.

Old, Solomon knew a thing or two about the pitfalls of pride when he wrote the book Proverbs. He too concentrated more on his own (not inconsiderable) capabilities and skills when building Israel into a strong and prosperous nation. He forgot, through most of his life, what and who was most important. With the skills and wisdom (in Earthly things) that he prayed for and was granted by God he transformed Israel into one of the richest nations of that time. He also turned the nation away from God and His law. As a result, he set his nation up as a target for those around him.

I am sure God sent old Solomon some small reminders to bring his focus back around but he somehow managed to overlook them. I will try and recognize God’s little reminder for what it was and adjust accordingly.

Is God sending you a reminder in your life? Are you seeing it for what it is?

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Civil War SitRep: 2/23/21

It has been yet another week of the same old rhetoric and power games. More Conservative voices censored and that same narrative that Conservatives are the second greatest threat to the nation.

    • Trump defense attorney has had his home vandalized and has had to hire private security for both his home and law office. Additionally, due to threats against his family he had to send them to a secret location to ensure their safety. I guess the Sixth Amendment guarantee to an attorney doesn’t apply to those who oppose The New Regime.
    • The New Regime, through the Thought Police agencies (FBI, DHS, et al.), has conducted and released a “comprehensive threat assessment” on “domestic violent extremism.” It concluded that Conservatives are an existential threat to all things worthy and good. Antifa and BLM who burned, looted assaulted and murdered their way through much of 2020 don’t even rank a mention.
    • A Florida man has been charged for plotting an attack on Trump supporters. He was arrested after trying to coordinate an armed attack on people who supported Trump. But hey, it’s not really a serious threat because only Conservatives are violent and dangerous.
    • House Demonrats have introduced a new bill they are calling the “No Glory For Hate Act.” It would prevent President Trump from being buried in Arlington National Cemetery and prohibit naming anything the Federal government pays for from being named after him.
    • A county in West Virginia has voted to become a Second Amendment “sanctuary.” Local law enforcement is prohibited from cooperating with Federal officials on any gun laws deemed to be unconstitutional. A county in Missouri has taken it a step further and passed a law that would allow the Sheriff’s department to arrest Federal officers who try to enforce unconstitutional gun laws.
    • 54% of Americans believe Creepy Uncle Joe is just a puppet of those on the left who actually wield the power.
    • Even Iraqis (without any prompting from neighboring Iran, I am sure) are getting into the blame everything on Trump supporters. PMU official, Mohammad Al-Basry, claimed that “Trumpist sleeper cells in Iraq were behind Erbil rocket attack in an attempt to thwart Biden’s return to the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action also known as the Iran Nuclear deal).”
    • While leftist rioters are routinely given a pass for their peaceful destructive ways, those on the right can expect totally different at the hands of The New Regime. Left-wing, insurrectionist John Sullivan who is on video encouraging and celebrating violence and mayhem on January 6th in the US Capital building was released without bail for his part in the activities. On the other hand Conservative activist Jessica Watson has been held without bail since turning herself in and has been subject to treatment that likely violates several laws and her Constitutional rights. For example, she was stripped naked and left in a holding cell for four days. None of the charges against her include violence or threats of violence. So, why would she be treated this way while Sullivan is free without bail?

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

What Did You Prep This Month?

Walk With God

I finished another two rounds of praying for my 100 closest neighbors.

I completed study of the book of Revelation and started on a study of the Gospel of Mark.

In addition to my daily study, I am also adding a verse of the day to consider and pray on. I am also spending a few minutes each day giving thanks for at least one thing per day.

I also continued teaching Sunday School and attending church.

Self Defense/Hunting

We found 150 rounds of .22 LR at normal prices and picked them up.


Just ahead of the big winter storm that came through I tested and ran the generator to make sure it was working. This is something I had planned on doing monthly but found myself several months behind on actually doing it.


Nothing this month.


Without Wonderful Wife’s income we are making it and paying our bills but we’re not putting anything away. Given the state of the economy around here and the number of folks unemployed around here making it and paying the bills is pretty darn good.


Other than during the “Snowpocalypse” I’ve been pretty good about making it to the gym. I definitely need to work more on cardio but I’m making progres sand getting stronger.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this month. How about you? What did you Prep this month?

Take care and God Bless

Sunday Scripture: Deuteronomy 18:15

Three crosses on a hill


“The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own brothers. You must listen to him.”

-Deuteronomy 18:15

Personal Meaning:

Like many verses the one has multiple meanings. It foretells the prophets of the Old Testament but is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Men and women of Old Testament times would have done well to heed and follow the prophets. We would do well to heed and follow Jesus.


Dear Lord,

Cleanse me of my sins. Strengthen me to resist temptation and make me the man my family and You deserve.


Today I am Thankful For:

The peace and strength God provides…


Project Get Fit 2021: Week 7

Not me, I don’t have that much hair on my head…

With the weather below freezing for most of the week and ice on the roads I skipped my workouts for for the week. I did make it in this morning. That’s one workout this week. Better than none, right?

That one workout went well and I had no issues. Wonderful Wife even joined me.

I was researching how to improve my cardio health and came across some thing called a Tabata workout.

It was apparently created by a Japanese researcher named Izumi Tabata, as part of a landmark 1996 study to improve performance in elite speed skaters. Athletes in the study were asked to work out on an exercise bike, pedaling as fast as possible for 20 seconds, then resting for 10 seconds. They repeated the cycle for seven to eight rounds.

It had a better impact on their cardio capabilities than 30-45 minute traditional cardio workouts. Since I was waiting on Wonderful Wife to finish so I gave it a try. Wow…

I made it four rounds. We’ll see how it goes.

Stay alert, stay prepared and stay safe.

God bless.

Goal: Complete a Murph Challenge in 2021

My primary goal is to get in shape but I have started tracking my weight as well:

Starting weight: 210.9 (1/4/21)

Current weight: 212.8 (1/18/21)