The Ultimate Prep…Your Health

I have written about it and talked to others about it but one of the most important preps you can spend time, money and energy on is your health. Unfortunately, I am not really very good at taking my own advice. Back when I started this blog I was pretty serious about getting in shape. As I started to ramp up at my current job and the time required to keep up with everything grew several things were relegated to the backseat; this blog, physical fitness and my walk with God.

Two of those three are incredibly important.

Eating right and exercise have suffered. Fast food and eating out has replaced the healthy meals I was cooking and, probably worst of all, I am back to drinking sodas again. Since my latest bout with pneumonia it has gone from bad to worse. I have been drinking several sodas a day, mostly Coke and at this point I can say that I am once again addicted to them.

Well, the good Lord sent me a bit of a wake up call this weekend.

I don’t know if it was my kidney stone moving around or an infection but it felt like I had been stabbed in the back with a large, flat head screwdriver…a really, really large flat head screwdriver. It only took a few gallons of water, a couple of days and some meds but I am feeling much better, almost back to normal even…except for the withdrawals.

Between the lack of caffeine and fighting the urges to go buy the biggest gas station soda I can find I am pretty positive that I am fairly unpleasant to be around. One the good side it has been three days since my last sugary drink and I should be past the worst of it before long (I keep telling myself that anyway).

I also made time to exercise today.

So, hopefully, I will stick to it and break my soda habit and get back to exercising regularly. After all, how can I fight off zombies when I am jonesing for a Coke?

God Bless!

What Did You Prep This Week?

My walk with God still is not where I want it to be. I’m doing OK with praying daily but haven’t spent as much time in prayer as I would like and didn’t spent enough time studying the Bible. I am disappointed in myself but I will get there.

We bought rice and beans to fill two more five gallon buckets. I will wait to add the oxygen absorbers and seal the bags until we have a few more filled so I can do them all at once. Each pair of buckets is about three months of food for one person or one month for three people. Our goal is to have enough food in long term storage to take care of our extended family, sixteen people, for a month. That translates into about 16 five gallon buckets of food. We are getting close and will really focus on this over the next few months.

Reloaded another 50 rounds of 9mm and purchased a box each of 9mm, 5.56/9mm and 12 Gauge bird shot. I also picked up some more reloading supplies; bullets for 5.56 and small pistol primers.

File_000 (8)

My Wonderful Wife got paid and we were able to put some more money aside and we are back up to our savings goals!

That’s it, that what we prepped this week. How about you? What did you prep this week?

God bless.

Random Shots

Random links to various news stories and blog posts that caught my attention this week:

Military and Law Enforcement Are the Worst Firearm Instructors – It’s a very interesting point of view and worth a read.

Federal Fusion Promotion – If you like Federal Fusion ammunition or would like to give it a try now would be a good time.

65 Pieces of Survival Wisdom From the Great Depression – The How To Provide for Your Family blog posted some really interesting observations and information about hour Americans coped with the Great Depression. Unfortunately, I don’t think modern day Americans posses the drive, determination or pride that carried a generation through some of the hardest times this country has ever faced. Should we ever face such a crisis again, and I pray we don’t, far fewer will make it through…

God bless and have a great weekend!

What Did You Prep This Week?

I haven’t done a good job of prioritizing my walk with God this week. I didn’t make any time to study the bible. I am very disappointed in myself.

I bought a night sight from Ameriglo for my Ruger LCR and a speed loader that I can use with my snubbies (except the Colt).

I also bought an additional box each of 5.56, .38 Special, 9mm and 12 Gauge. With this purchase I am at or slightly above my target inventory levels for all calibers except 12 gauge. But I am not in a rush to stock up on it as it is probably the caliber that is least at risk of a run around elections time so it is lowest on my priority list. I also reloaded 50 rounds each of 9mm and .38 Special.

We added money to our savings so we are pretty close to being back at our targeted goal. We should be there next payday.

That’s it. That what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you prep this week?

What Did You Prep This Week?

My walk with God is still not where I want it to be but it is definitely moving in the right direction. I am spending more time in prayer and study and those are both good things.

Glock 43

From a self defense perspective I bought another Glock 43. This one has night sights installed so I can get a good comparison between the two on how well I shoot them. This will help me make a decision on replacement sights for my other Glocks. I also purchased backup iron sights and a weapon mounted flashlight for my AR.

I made a trip to the range and got some good practice in. I was also able to test my 9mm load. It worked fine with no issues locking the slide back. Based on this test I will start loading more rounds shortly. When I got back from the range I prepped the .38 Special cases I fired at the range so they are ready to be reloaded.

Fun Range Trip
Fun Range Trip
MTM Ammo Crate
MTM Ammo Crate

I am always looking for more efficient ways to store things, especially ammo. This week I bought an ammo crate from MTM for long term storage of 21 Ga. It is plastic and although I prefer the metal surplus ammo cans this one is perfectly sized to hold ten boxes of 12 Gauge which don’t seem to store efficiently in standard .30 or .50 cal cans. This solution seems to work well. It has a rubber gasket making the cans water proof and they are designed to lock and stack easily. My only complaint so far is the labels I use don’t seem to want to stick to the plastic exterior.

We didn’t add anything to savings this week but Wonderful Wife gets paid this weekend so we should be setting some aside next week.

That’s it for me. That’s what I prepped this week. How about you? What did you prep this week?

God Bless.

Random Shots

Random links to various news stories and blog posts that caught my attention this week:

No One Needs A Trauma Kit – Except those who do. It may not be a terror attack or a mass shooting it could be as simple as a mountain bike ride gone wrong but bad stuff happens in this world and it is up to you to be ready.

Turks Sealed Off Incirlik Again – Turkish police and civilians used heavy trucks to seal off the the Incirlik air base again. Almost 2000 US personnel are stationed at this base in Turkey. It is used as a launching point for air strikes on ISIS in Syria. It is also likely to house US nuclear weapons as part of its role as part of NATO defense strategy.

So Much For Gun Control – firearms are a pretty old and fairly simple technology as Peter Grant points out in this post and no amount of gun control can put the genie back in the bottle. If you have a desire and a few bucks you can make your own shotgun from supplies readily available at your local home improvement store.

Inflation – The government has some creative ways to calculate and share critical economic indicators and inflation is no exception. Despite the assurances that inflation is under control the story at the local taco truck tells a little different story…

God bless and have a great weekend!