Range Report: The Remodeled AK

Back in August, I decided I wanted to make some changes to my AK (link). It is a WASR-10 from Century. I hand selected it to make sure it was a straight and true as possible; rivets looked decent and the sights were not visibly canted.

Nyet! AK is fine!

I like the rifle and kept is as basic as possible for several years but as I said I wanted to make some changes to make it a little better for defensive use. I wanted to be able to mount a red dot, a white light and change out the hand grip. To accomplish this I started out by changing the front hand guard for a MidWest Industries Gen2 AK47/74 Universal Handguard. That gave me the white light mount and a red dot mount via picatinny rails. It also lightened up the front end a bit which is a good thing in an AK.

Since I run Magpul on all my ARs I went with the same hand guard on the AK. It gives me better control of the rifle and I like the way it feels over the standard AK grip. Since I was changing the grip and hand guard I went ahead and switched to the Magpul stock as well. Although I don’t need it with this red dot configuration, the cheek rest it is adjustable for height so if I want to

While researching the changes I was making I came across the Fighter Brake for the AK. From the reviews I read and watched it did a really good job of reducing recoil and muzzle flash. I decided to go ahead and give it a shot as well.

I like to have a sling on any rifle I will be carrying or using for defensive use. Again I defaulted to what I have used on my ARs and other rifles. The Magpul RLS sling is a nice two point sling that can be adjusted quickly for different carrying needs or for use “Rhodesian” style to help brace the rifle while shooting.

Da, AK is better

All these changes are all fine and good but how does it shoot?

I was able to get out to the range recently and sight in the red dot and get a feel for how the changes affected the rifle and I was pretty darned impressed. The new brake, combined with the new furniture, resulted in a rifle with little felt recoil (it actually seemed lighter than my 5.56 AR pistol I was shooting the same day. Between the brake and the longer barrel it was a good bit quieter than either the 10.5 inch AR pistol or the 16 inch AR carbine.

I was able to get the red dot zeroed quickly and could keep all 25 yard shots within a fist sized group. Out at 50 and 100 the groups opened up a bit but were still pretty consistent. It is a better shooter than I am. Out past 100 hits on man sized targets were still doable but that’s where the the limitations of the red dot vs. a low powered variable optic would really help the AK (in my hands) reach out a bit further.

Bottom line?

This was a good rifle and the changes made have resulted in an even better and more usable rifle…

…for my purposes.

Take care and God bless.

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