It Is Time To Stand Up, It Is Time To Lead…

I am sick and tired of elected representatives pushing their agendas on us. We elect these folks (clowns) to represent us and then they use every mechanism possible to force us to confirm to their goals and plans.

We are the citizens of this nation. In our representative republic it is the citizens of the nation are the leaders. Our elected representatives are supposed serve us and represent us and our goals, values and agendas. This is true of every elected official from the President to Congress to our local school board members. They are our servants.

When those servants do not represent us it is time to replace them. When they use their power to overrule the citizenry or to stifle the voices of the the citizenry it is time to replace them.

That is the reason for the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

We need to exercise those rights and make our voices heard. Loudly, clearly and peacefully. We need to vote for candidates that represent our views and not for candidates from a specific political party.

Now what happens if we find that we are no longer able to make those staffing changes through the ballot box?

Well, for that situation, and I pray it never comes to this, the founding fathers gave us the Declaration of Independence and the Second Amendment…

Stay alert, stay prepared, stay safe and pray for our nation.

God bless.

One thought on “It Is Time To Stand Up, It Is Time To Lead…

  1. The Constitution is dead, the Declaration has been spit upon. Time to admit that half of the nation wishes to serve Satan. Burn it all down and start again. Get rid of the perverts, communists, trannies, and their depraved and twisted allies.


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