Corona-virus (COVID-19) News and Information – 3/21/20

March 21, 2020

Confirmed Cases: 306,677 (+30,936)

Total Dead: 13,017 (+1,620)

One thought on “Corona-virus (COVID-19) News and Information – 3/21/20

  1. Um. I found the same Reuters report and it hit me like a truck!
    This is the forerunner to lock downs, rationing, and probably martial law.

    The gov will prioritize deliveries to cities first, then large towns, small towns get the scraps, and as for rural? It’s not looking good for them.

    Only to make that work they will have to stop travel.
    After all you can’t have the little people from little towns going into the cities and “stealing” the food for the wealthy can you?

    That’s where lock downs and travel restrictions will come in.
    And for that, the army is going have to be deployed.
    And for that, they may need to declare a state of emergency and maybe martial law.

    So to preppers reading this, I say start caching and improve your perimeter security.
    Two reasons, to keep the Gov man out, and to prepare for very desperate people.

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