Never Underestimate An Enemy – Update

Back in June I posted Never Underestimate an Enemy. Basically, I suggested it was a mistake to underestimate Antifa/BLM/etc. Most of those who would stand opposed to them seem to write them off as a bunch of snowflakes who would be pushovers as opponents. While this may describe the many of “useful idiots” intent on destroying the nation I did not believe that was necessarily true of all of them.

After incident video analysis of the Grant Park riot in Chicago shows a pretty sophisticated operation that included significant planning and preparation:

On top of this, a leaked report from the Department of Homeland (in)Security’s surveillance of individuals returning from fighting in Syria confirms that suspicion. Many of the individuals returning from training and fighting with Syrian insurgents are associated with the Antifa, BLM and other, similar, groups.

Folks, this is not just a bunch of kids letting off some steam. They are not just a bunch of snowflakes who will melt at the first sign of opposition.

Take care and God bless.

3 thoughts on “Never Underestimate An Enemy – Update

  1. Thing is, it’s a numbers game and one where the 3%’ers had it right when they talk about only a small number actually took up arms during the war.

    There may be a few terrorists in country, much like here, BUT highly trained individuals don’t put large numbers of fingers on triggers.

    Thus if push comes to shove, they would represent a few spread thinly over a wide front.

    Now unless the patriots, who probably have a fair few ex-services in their ranks, are totally stupid, which I don’t think is the case AT ALL!, they would have concentrated on MOUT (military ops, urban terrain).

    As for that report?
    Have you considered this is a not very subtle Intel leak from the intelligence services to those militia?

    I say that because if everything does kick off, unless the military can be deployed quickly (unlikely) and given free range to work as they MUST, (unlikely), it could be the job of slowing the initial onslaught falls to the militia as a support for the limited number of LEO’s and other TLA Gov depts.

    The problem there is the institutionalised TLA dept’s and the national guard just aren’t flexible enough to cope with attacks may come from multiple fronts.

    Meanwhile a militia’s advantage is the same as any guerrilla unit.
    Flexibility, unpredictability, unknown capabilities, unconventional tactics, and local knowledge.

    Plus I have a feeling the LEO’s will be only too happy to have good guys on their side.

    The only fly in the ointment could be local government aka Liberals.
    They may try to stop the militia from staging. After all they help criminals and terrorists all the time don’t they?

    So what will be the end game?
    If it starts, it will be fast and bloody at first BUT it will drag on even after the military are deployed.

    The problem though is will POTUS have the balls to deploy the military immediately and let them work unfettered.

    I’m afraid that all depends on whether he answers his phone way down in his bomb shelter, while quietly quivering under his desk.

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    1. I don’t think anyone has any idea of how this will really play out. My only point was that underestimating an opponent is an incredibly bad idea and I think many on the right underestimate those on the left. It is very possible that it goes both ways. I don’t have enough insight to say.

      As for this intelligence brief being a fake? That is absolutely a possibility. Since Trumpet is running on a law and order platform making the leftists appear more dangerous than they are plays well into that strategy. Which brings up another point. Trump has no desire to crush anything at the moment. In fact, the longer this plays out and the more Demonrats associate themselves with the looters and rioters the more they alienate moderates and conservatives leaving Trumpet as “the only choice.” Every little old lady with paint (I hope) dumped on her, every small business owner burned out increases the probability Trumpet will win the election.

      Take care and God bless.

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