Everyday Carry (EDC) Bag Dump

Since I was going through my everyday carry bag to do an inventory check I thought it might be a good idea to go ahead and do a post on what I pack around with me. Sit back and grab a beverage it’s time for an EDC dump!

First off, the bag…

My Current EDC Bag
My Current EDC Bag

How do I schlep all this junk around with me every time I leave the house? Glad I asked. I am currently carrying the NC Star PVC First Responders Utility Backpack (Yes, the link it to Amazon but no I don’t get a cut should you decide to buy one). In actuality I have been carrying this bag for several years. Not this particular one, this is the second one I have had. I wore the other one out. It seems to be just about the perfect size and weight and carries all I carry on a regular basis.

On of the things I like in a bag lots of pockets and compartments to keep all my stuff organized. There is nothing I hate more than to reach into a pile o’ stuff at the bottom of a bag and sift through it in order to find what I want. This bag hits that spot perfectly.

I have tried out several different bags over the years but always seems to come back to this one. Here are a a couple of the other bags I have tried over the years:

5.11 RUSH MOAB 10 and 6 flanking my carry bag

All have been good bags but either didn’t carry easily, were too big, lacked sufficient compartments.

Now back to my EDC…

I keep a couple of items attached to the outside of the bag; a small light and a bottle of hand sanitizer.


I use the clasp on the light to lock the concealed carry compartment of the bag locked. I don’t carry a firearm in there but it still helps to keep little fingers out of there just in case. The hand sanitizer…well, I have five grand kids under the age of six and four of them are three or younger. This get’s a lot of use by me and them.

The lower front pocket has a fairly random set of stuff; super glue, “duck” tape, electrical tape, zip ties, a lighter, a small flashlight/pen combo, coffee filters, ziploc bags, safety pins and a small can opener:


The super glue, tape, and zip ties can be used for small repair jobs (and some not so small jobs. They, along with the filters and safety pins, have secondary uses for emergency first aid.

The larger front pocket holds anti-bacterial wet wipes:


Great for clean ups and can serve as TP in a pinch but may sting a bit.

The top inside pocket contains glucose tabs, tooth pain gel, heartburn medicine, benadryl, sinus medicine, two types of lip balm, more hand sanitizer and a tube of over the counter pain/fever reducer.


The front inside pocket holds a bandanna, write in the rain notebook, two PowerBars, a pack of Cool Off, bug repellent, sunblock and a cigarette lighter adapter for a USB charger. The cable I normally keep in here to charge my phone is missing (need to buy another).


Clipped to the side of that same pocket are a Streamlight flashlight, a multi-tool and folding knife from Gerber, a pen and a pencil.


The back inside pocket holds a small first aid kit, emergency blanket and disposable poncho.


I usually have a pair of cheap sunglasses in the bag as well, the kind that are less than $10 at a convenience station as well but I didn’t grab a picture of them. They can double as safety glasses in a pinch. Sometime I have extra magazines or ammunition in one of the pockets but that’s fairly rare. I generally want my firearm and ammo on my person.

Do I carry my “man purse” everywhere I go? No, but I do have it pretty much every time I leave the house. If we are going in someplace where I can get to my car quickly and easily I will just leave it in there. If it is the mall, the movie theater, or someplace else we will be for an extended period of time and where I can’t get to the bag within a few minutes I carry it with me. The glucose tabs and the benadryl are fairly critical to be able to access within a few minutes. My blood sugar issues can hit fairly quickly but Wonderful Wife’s food allergy is much more time sensitive. If we catch it within a few minutes she takes a benadryl and a nap. If it is much longer than that it can mean a trip to the ER.

That’s my EDC bag.

I am hoping I have time to go through the contents in a little more detail in future posts.

In the meantime, if you have questions or suggestions about the items in the bag please post away in the comments.

God Bless

8 thoughts on “Everyday Carry (EDC) Bag Dump

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    A lot of stuff. I carry a pocket knife. I know how to make primitive fire. Figure that’s good enough for me. During the flood, I carried my Becker BK5, a multi-tool, and a claw hammer.


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