In Memory Of Beslan Massacre

Eleven years ago, Islamic terrorists took over a school in the town of Beslan taking almost 1000 people, mostly children, hostage. Over the course of the three day siege over 300 people would die including 186 children.

Tree of Grief

Say a prayer for those who died and for those who survived. Say a prayer that such a thing never happen again…


2 thoughts on “In Memory Of Beslan Massacre

  1. I’ll say a prayer, but because I don’t believe that God is going to prevent it, I won’t ask Him to. Instead, I ask for swift feet and steady hands should I ever be in a position to do anything about it.

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    1. Well said brother. We, as human beings, have been given the gift/curse of free will. Each of us must choose between doing good or evil each moment of our lives. While He may not prevent such evil, I do believe that He can and does guide those who are trying to fight evil and give them strength and insight to be victorious. May He guide each of us as we try to do His will and oppose the evil which darkens our world.


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