London Terror Attack

First, our thoughts and prayers are with those killed and injured in this attack including the officer who was killed defending others against this terrorist.

Second, I am tired of the recurring tap dance the media and government officials put on after every single one of these attacks to hide the motivations and background of the attackers. I have news for you, the more you try and hide it the worse it is. More animosity is created by when a particular group of people appear to be more protected than the rest of society. If this attack were carried out by Brexit supporters, members of Britain First, or Christians it would be broadcast with banner headlines. If you want to prevent backlash plaster the airwaves with anti-terror rallies in the Muslim communities, invite the leaders of Mosques to publicly and unreservedly condemn such attacks and call on their congregations to join them denouncing and turning in potential terrorists. That will go MUCH further towards reducing or eliminating any potential backlash.

And finally, just a quick tactical suggestion, if the police are responding to an incident in full battle rattle and at a run you should probably put the cell phone away and gte the heck out of there…

God bless.

2 thoughts on “London Terror Attack

    1. I feel that statement needs to go a little bit further.
      ‘WE’ all know who the enemy is. Islamic (Muslim) extremists.
      The stumbling block across the world in dealing with that enemy is the political correctness of governments who are SCARED TO EVEN NAME the enemy in case they are accused or being racist or anti multiculturalists.

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